The Incident of the Blundering Blogger

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nothing to do..

My return to blog world is, to myself, quite unexpected. I had decided, quite firmly if I may add, that my return to this space would only be after I acquire a faster internet connection. However a sudden urge to write about nothing at all has taken away that resolve. The heat is killing me, not to mention the humidity. I think I have injured my foot beyond repair while playing football today, and my guitar misses a third string. This certainly isn't my best day. I haven't been up to much else. Some antics with my band have kept me amused. A friend of mine has found out that another 75ml of alcohol would have killed him. Another is mostly busy in a clandestine love affair. As you can see most people are busy with something or the other. I also need somthing to do. Don't ask me to paint myself purple and run around polka dotted shorts....tried that already. Ran out of purple paint actually. I need somthing new to do!

I think I'll go to the kitchen and make myself the biggest sandwich ever made...