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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Rants Of A Nostalgic Fool

I remember sitting in the verandah, staring at space, sipping coffee and wondering whether I will ever make any friends. This was the day before I joined university. For once those to whom I would normally run with the simplest of problems were not available. I was lonely, I was miserable. It was a time when I was afraid. In fact, I wanted to wish these thoughts away so badly that I watched "Tarzan the Wonder Car". Yes. That was how desperate I was.

I have grown up in a multi-storied building with about six or seven people of roughly the same age as mine. I don't remember how or when we became friends, but I know without them woudn't be the person I am today. These were the people whom I could depend on. I had boundless faith in them, and knew that they would never let me down.

It was a building filled with laughter and energy. We would have some game or the other every day. When it was raining, we would just sit in the shade and talk. We would talk for hours about this, that and everything. Durga Puja would hold a special attraction for us. It was a time when we did not have any studies. It was a time we were free. It was a time to get together and while the day and the night away. What we did during those five days I have very little recollection of but I know that those were the days I would give anything to get back. The building was the centre of our world. It was the place where our friendship grew. It was a place which insulated us from the rest of the big bad world.

Today the building is dead. There are no sounds of laughter. Where's the kid with the football? Where are those that were sitting against the pillars and laughing about some joke which not even remotely funny? Where are those who felt lucky because they belonged? Some of them have gone away to study in other cities or other countries. Some have grown tired waiting for a reply. Some, like me, have tried to break these bonds and move on but failed miserably. These are bonds that we forged and ones that would remain. No. "Tarzan - The Wonder Car" would not help me now.

I am a fool.


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