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Monday, December 19, 2005

This and That

Hmm...I'm in an exceptionally good mood right now. I have just taught myself to play SRV's "Pride and Joy", a song I thought was impossible to pick up. Though I am hitting hundreds of incidentals before playing any note, I am getting there :) Maybe adidas should take me as their new brand ambassador: 'Impossible Is Nothing'. Anyway, going was not always smooth, especially in the earlier part of the day. I have arrived at the conclusion that a mixed-chat and an egg-chicken roll eaten in the space of about 20 minutes, when you got serious calls from nature is a bad idea. Well, that's one mistake I won't ever make. If it's the roadside "sulabh complex" then, well, so be it. JR makes a good case of that in his blog here. Of course my problem was slightly on a slightly "larger" scale than his, but well, I fully sympathise with him and his urinary bladder. I also missed out on kicking butt in the afternoon even though I had the opportunity...that was kind of depressing (especially when I think of the person in concern who BTW is spamming my blog and making it into a personal chit-chat column...)

I have also been selected (what's in a little change in perspective) as one of the chief volunteers to help out in some obscure ritualistic celebration in my university. We will also have a "colourful procession" from the O.A.T to the K.M.R which, for the less informed, is almost a 15 minutes walk!!!!! What it is exactly for is something I am not quite certain. Must be for world peace. For being such a willing volunteer I have been promised untold riches. I think I will go tomorrow and choose the colour of my first limo. Maybe black. Yes. Black sounds good. Maybe Black with green zebra stripes. Hmm...yes...that sounds good. Maybe powerpuff girls too...err...maybe not the powerpuff girls.

Anyway, I think nature calls again. So until next time, hold your breath for another episode in the Fantastic Life of Filthy B. Liar. can stop holding your breaths now, that was just a figure of speech.



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